Free Public Tax Classes presented by The Colorado Department of Revenue

Online Class Registration for “Live” Classes
Click on the “Main Class Schedule” above to view all currently scheduled “live” class offerings. You do not have to be registered to view classes; however, in order to register for a class, it is advised to read ALL the information on this page before proceeding. Due to limited seating, pre-registration is required for all classes unless otherwise stated.

Registration Process – To begin, click the “Student” tab at the top of the screen. You’ll be able to “Log in” or register as a “New Student,” which is required before you can sign up for a class. Provide your name, email, fax, address, and a PIN number of your choice. Some fields are mandatory, but you’ll also have the option to include additional contact information. A student ID number will be assigned once you submit the required information. Be sure to keep track of your ID and PIN number since you’ll need these each time you “Log in.” It is also important to provide more than one contact method, since classes may cancel periodically, due to unforeseen circumstances; So, having more than one contact method increases the likelihood you’ll receive at least one notice.

Once registered, you can view your “Profile,” “Your Schedule” “Registration“ and “Main Class Schedule.” In your “Profile,” you will be able to update/edit information anytime. In addition, you can view and/or delete classes from “Your Schedule.” To sign up for a class, click on “Registration.“ If a class is full, you will not be able to register for that class. If you have been accepted into the class, the class will automatically be added to “Your Schedule” until you delete it. Therefore, if you signed up for a class and can no longer attend, be sure to delete it from “Your Schedule” which will open up seats for others who would like to attend.

All classes are subject to change due to room scheduling conflicts and/or unforeseen circumstances. So, be sure to check the “Main Class Schedule” or “Your Schedule” for last-minute updates, at least 24 hours before attending, in case a cancellation notice is not received. If a class is canceled, it will be removed from all schedules. However, if there are changes to dates, times or locations of classes, a notice will ONLY be sent to those who are registered; Although, this site will also be updated to reflect the changes.

If you have a disability and require reasonable accommodations for any class, please notify us at least 5 business days in advance so we can plan accordingly. Contact the training staff at with your specific accommodation request.

Do you have general questions about taxes? If so, please contact our Call Center for Colorado Taxes at (303) 238-SERV (7378), or visit the Colorado Taxation Web Site.

Do you have questions about tax classes? Send an email to:, or leave a message on our Tax Class Voicemail System at (303) 205-8299 and follow the instructions.

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